Gidley attacca i Democratici’ "Tattica disgustosa’ di affermare che chiunque sia pro-Trump 'è d'accordo con teppisti senza legge’

Gidley blasts Democrats' 'disgusting tactic' of claiming anyone pro-Trump 'agrees with lawless thugs'

Former Deputy casa Bianca Press Secretary Hogan Gidley ripped into Democrats and their supporters in Hollywood and the media Monday for making blanket claims that anyone who supports President Trump is also supportive of thelawless thugs” chi attacked the U.S. Campidoglio la settimana scorsa.

Gidley toldRapporti di Bill Hemmerthat the forthcoming impeachment articles from House Democrats are simply an effort to silence Trump as he returns to private life.

Democrats came after him with a purely political impeachment not too long ago,” Gidley told host Bill Hemmer. “Now they’re threatening to do it again. So we’re clear of the timelinethe president and I talked about thisthey attacked him before he even got in office. Now they’re promising to attack him after he leaves office? It clearly an effort to silence not just this president, but to come after us as American citizens as well.

Il Trump 2020 campaign press secretary added that Democrats’ “buddiesin Big Tech are happy to abet this coordinated attack on the president’s wing of American politics.

Gidley further rejected claims by House Democrats that the presidentgravely endangered the security of the United Statesand the democratic systemand described the impeachment resolution put forward by Reps. Jamie Raskin, D-Md.; Ted Lieu, D-Calif., and David Cicilline, D-R.I., avere un “sham hoax.


‘If you don’t agree with them that he should be impeached, ancora, then you DO agree with the lawless thugs that attacked our Capitol building …'” he summarized Democrats’ discussione. “This conflation is so disingenuous on its face. [Suo] absolutely a disgusting political tactic. It is dangerous for the future of our American democracy.

We know what the Democrats want you to do,” Gidley added. “You have to agree with them on everything in every way or for some reason you don’t deserve to be in this country.

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