Un gigantesco alligatore avvistato in roaming sul campo da golf della Florida

Pensavi che Jurassic Park fosse solo un film?

Bene, potresti essere perdonato se pensi che i dinosauri camminino ancora sulla terra dopo aver visto filmati di un gigantesco alligatore che vaga su un campo da golf della Florida.
Spotted at Valencia Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida during tropical storm Eta, the gator was seen prowling a tee box by Tyler Stolting, a professional at the club, di mercoledì.

The sheer size of the animal had many on social media questioning whether it was actually real.
    tuttavia, secondo to David Sheen, the reptile and amphibian research leader of the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there wasnothing unusualabout the size of the alligator.
    It’s an iconic species and conservation success story. But in short, there’s nothing unusual about this alligator or the video,” he said on Twitter.
    It’s not the first time an alligator has been spotted on the golf course.
      Nel 2017, American golfer Cody Gribble nudged a slumbering gator off of the fairway and into the water during the opening day of the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Dallas, Texas.

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