Glenn Greenwald knocks media for changing tune on Biden: They believe constantly in militarism and war

“I actually think that one of the things that’s going on here is, obviously, the corporate wing of the media, the liberal corporate wing, is liberal, they are attached to the Democratic Party, but with one exception, which is they really do believe constantly in militarism and war, their closest relationships in the media are with the CIA, are with the Pentagon, are within the national security state.”

Greenwald said the media constantly “cheer for war” and disregard other pressing issues like the border crisis, joblessness, inflation or things that simply don’t affect them.

“[The media] is deeply offended when they see America greatness as they perceive it falling and failing, and these kinds of images are ones Americans are not accustomed to seeing, losing to what is essentially a primitive fighting force in the most humiliating manner possible. So I think that it offends their ideology.”

Greenwald believes a lot of Washington’s establishment is not in favor of withdrawing from Afghanistan. In 2020, an intel community story claiming Russians were putting bounties on the heads of American military members was leaked to the media as President Trump was discussing his plan to end the war, and according to Greenwald, “to prevent Trump from leaving.”

Host Tucker Carlson interjected claiming it seemed CNN wasn’t controlled by the DNC, but actually the CIA, to which Greenwald agreed.

“The two are kind of the same, usually, right? Over the past five years, there has been a merger between the Democratic Party and the CIA. If you look at polling, Democrats and Democratic voters revere the CIA, revere the FBI, it is Republicans who are skeptical of the deep state.”

Greenwald said that Biden’s withdrawal was always based on a lie. “He kept saying that the Afghan National Security Forces were strong enough to withstand the Taliban attack and would hold them off and that it would be almost impossible for the Taliban to take over the whole country. Had he been truthful with the American people that once we withdrew, the Taliban would take over, I think the reaction would’ve been a lot different.”

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