Glenn Youngkin confident he'll defeat McAuliffe: Virginia voters sick of 'recycled, divisive politics'

This is about the government going to work for Virginians and getting the taxes down and making sure we have great schools and great jobs and safe communities. It is these issues that impact people’s lives every single day,” Youngkin told미국의 뉴스 룸.”

Youngkin said that he started 10 months ago with 2% name recognition in polls, but has gained momentum bylistening to voters” 그리고 “meeting with them and holding roundtables.


여자 이름 was once a breeding ground for presidents. From George Washington to Woodrow Wilson, the Old Dominion has sent eight men to the White House, more than any other state in the country.

오늘, Virginia is better known for the damage it can do to a presidency. With one exception, the state has chosen a governor from the opposite party of the current president at every gubernatorial election in the last 40 연령. At best, a loss in Virginia generates a bad news cycle and anxiety about midterms for those in the Oval Office. 아무리 나빠도, it is a sign that the president’s days in power are numbered.

Statistics like these and a late polling surge should give Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin some confidence going into election night. But the one exception mentioned above is Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who won his first term as governor in 2013, following former President Obama’s second victory in 2012.

맥컬리프, now seeking his second term, entered the race as favorite in a state that has leaned blue during the Trump era, and has enjoyed the consistent support of the Democratic machine. 비록 그렇다 하더라도, he leaves the trail lagging in the latest Fox News Poll and therefore more uncertain than ever about his political future.

The results in a handful of key counties will decide the fate of the two candidates.

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Youngkin claimed that he ispresenting a platform that actually impacts those issues that are most important to Virginians.

My opponent has been running on some different platform,” Youngkin said.

He doesn’t have a vision for Virginia. He didn’t do a good job last time as governor and Virginians are tired of recycled, divisive politics and ready for something fresh and new. My big takeaway, it’s about the voters, 여러분, and getting out and meeting them and listening to them and presenting a government vision that works for them.

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