Global Covid-19 death toll surpasses 4 百万

より多い 4 million people around the world have died of Covid-19, ジョンズホプキンス大学のデータによると.

合計で, three countries account for more than a third of all global deaths. アメリカ合衆国, which has the highest number of fatalities at 606,000, accounts for 15% of the global total, followed by Brazil and India.
The grim milestone, announced Wednesday, comes as new cases and deaths are dropping in the US and Europe, where significant numbers of residents have been vaccinated. But some developing countries, といった インドネシア, are still facing surging outbreaks, as authorities struggle to secure enough vaccines to protect citizens.
    The Delta variant, a more transmissible and possibly more dangerous strain of coronavirus, is also contributing to an increase in cases in some countries and regions. アメリカの司法制度, the Delta variant now makes up more than half of all new infections, according to estimates from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
      平均で 7,900 Covid-19 deaths were reported each day over the past week, according to JHU. あれは 46% less than the global peak of more than 14,700 daily deaths in January, だが 57% higher than the pace of about 5,000 daily deaths from this time last year.
          The global death toll exceeded 1 million on September 18, 2020, 191 days after the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. それは取った 115 days for the global death toll to hit 2 百万, 88 days to surpass 3 百万, そしてもう一つ 89 days to reach 4 百万.
          Given the difficulty in accurately tracking the spread of the virus especially in the developing world, many experts believe the global death toll is likely significantly higher than the officially reported number.




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