GMC HUMMER betree die Extreme E elektriese veldrenreeks

GMC HUMMER betree die Extreme E elektriese veldrenreeks

GMC neem die HUMMER EV resies.


Not the productionsupertruckthat’s coming later this year, but a HUMMER-bodied off-roader that will compete in the new Extreme E electric racing series.

GMC has teamed up with Chip Ganassi Racing for the effort, which will see the Extreme E spec racer all the teams are using redesigned with a HUMMER-inspired body. The trucks are made by Spark Racing Technologies with Williams Advanced Engineering batteries, but allow for updates to the 550 hp electric motors and some other components.

(Extreme E)

Ganassi already has a pair of American off-road racers Sara Price and Kyle Leduc lined up for the effort, which requires teams made up of a man and a woman. The five-event series will feature two-day events with two qualifying races on Saturday and a semi-final and final on Sunday.

Each race covers two laps of roughly 10 miles each with the teammates swapping driver and co-driver duties midway. The trucks start each day with a full battery and aren’t allowed to recharge.

The Extreme E series is set to kick off in April in Saudi Arabia, followed by events in Senegal (Mei), Greenland (Aug.), Brasilië (Oct.) and Argentina Dec.

Teams backed by Michael Andretti, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will also be competing in the inaugural season.

GMC is currently taking orders for the street-legal version of the HUMMER EV optel, which is scheduled to go into production late this year at a starting price of $ 112,595.

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