Golden Knights' Ryan Reaves under fire for dangerous hit on Avalanche player

Reaves was hit with two penalties and a match penalty for roughing and injuring Avalanche defenseman Ryan Graves in the third period of Colorado’s blowout win. Reaves punched Graves in the back of the head, threw him down to the ice and stayed on top of him while he was down.

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The incident sparked criticism against Reaves.


I don’t think you can call that physicality, 솔직히 말하자면,” Avalanche forward Gabriel Landeskog said. “Reaves is on a mission to hurt somebody in the third and that’s what he goes out and does. I’m sure the league will take a look at it, intent to injure.

San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane, a rival of Reaves’ on the ice, also jabbed him on Twitter.

Instead of a suspension they should have to play him 20 minutes a night for the rest of the series,” Kane tweeted.

Reaves is facing a possible suspension for his actions. He was suspended for one game in last year’s playoffs and three games in 2016 for dangerous hits.

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