Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr helps guide AZ voters to the polls

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr helps guide AZ voters to the polls

골든 스테이트 워리어스 head coach Steve Kerr is using his platform to encourage Arizonans to vote.

In partnership with the video news platform NowThis, 그만큼 NBA legend released a public service announcement Tuesday giving residents of the Copper State details on how to 투표 in the upcoming 대통령 선거.

The informational video, which runs for just over three minutes, features guidance about deadlines, early registration, voting by mail, and what not to do when voting.


Hey Arizona, voting is easy,” 그가 설명했다. “그러나, you’ve got to make sure you’re registered first.

The deadline for registration in Arizona is Oct. 5.

While Kerr is very invested in 정치 and social justice initiatives and makes his support regularly and publicly known, the video remains fact-based.

Kerr also directs those in line at polling places before 7 오후. ...에 “stay there.

In the primary elections, voters in 그루지야 gave up and left before casting a ballot following a full-scale meltdown of voting systems at polling places across the state.

Arizona is expected to be a highly contentious battleground come November, 와 투표소 전시 2020 Democratic presidential nominee 조 바이든 주요한 트럼프 대통령 by a little less than three percentage points.

The potential for a blue Arizona is noteworthy. The last time the state voted for a Democrat was in 1996 following a 공화주의자 streak dating to 1952.

While Trump won the state with 48.1% of the vote in 2016, his margin was notably smaller than previous candidates. It’s a factor 민주당 hope to capitalize on.

A FiveThirtyEight 예보 gives Biden a 65% chance of winning the state.

While Kerr lives and works in 캘리포니아, he has plenty of connections to Arizona, having attended 칼리지 at the University of Arizona and played his rookie year for the Phoenix Suns.

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He also spent six years working in the 태양front office, including three as the team’s general manager, 에 따르면 Golden State of Mind.

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