Golfer Adam Scott unsure whether having Olympics is good idea

While at The Open Championship 在星期三, Scott told reporters he’s having no second thoughts about not playing in Tokyo this year. He wondered whether the Games should be happening in the first place.

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It’s questionable really whether it should go ahead, an event of that scale,” 他告诉记者, 通过 AAP.

I think certain parts of the world don’t understand the fear that the Japanese are experiencing at the moment. They’re not as advanced vaccination-wise as some other areas. You have to question whether it’s really a responsible decision to go ahead. But that’s not really why I’m not going anyway. I’ve been home seven weeks so far this year, and it’s hard to justify another week away.


Tokyo organizers said last week there would be no fans at the Olympics this year as the coronavirus outbreak still has a grip on the country.

Organizers previously allowed venues to be filled to 50% capacity with crowds not to exceed 10,000.

Athletes, media and sponsors were the only foreigners allowed at the Games.

关于 11,000 Olympians and 4,400 Paralympians are set to enter Japan over the next few weeks with tens of thousands of officials, 评委, administrators, sponsors and media members. The IOC said more than 80% of residents of the Olympic Village will be vaccinated.