Google employee fired for questioning equity training tells Tucker about ‘disruptive’ work environment

Kobernyk since penned a memo laying out what concerned him while working for the Big Tech behemoth and told오늘 밤 터커 칼슨on Wednesday that this includes raciallydamagingbehavior.

In my memo, I just tried to list different things that I encountered during my time at Google. Things that I didn’t think were right, that were disruptive and long-term damaging even for racial relations,” 그는 말했다. “So Google was basically undermining things it was supposed to improve.


The ex-employee explained that writing down workplace worries was a commonly-used method of expression at Google, which his manager encouraged him to do after speaking out against equity training.

But after submitting his concerns in writing, Kobernyk was immediately asked to remove his document since it had been flagged asinappropriate” 과 “offensive.

I ultimately refused to delete the document and that’s when Google fired me.

Verbally I was told that certain sections of the document were questioning living experiences of people of color of criticizing fellow employees or even that I was using the word ‘genetics’ in the racial context,” 그가 설명했다.

Kobernyk said he was somewhat surprised Google took the extreme measure of letting him go when they had the opportunity to handle andburythe whole situation instead of allowing it to inflate.

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