GOP combat vets flip Oklahoma city council seats: Defund police push was 'last straw'

Newly-elected Councilmembers Kelly Lynn and Rarchar Tortorello joinedzorro & AmigosThursday to explain why theystepped up to the plateto fight for their city and stop big governmentoverreach.


The last straw for us was the defunding of the police,” Tortorello told Ainsley Earhardt. “A lot of folks that we know were planning to leave the city and they just wanted to flee what the city was turning into, a socialist-type environment.

I was about to move out of the city I love because it got so crazy politically,” Lynn said. “These are supposed to be nonpartisan offices and it became very partisan with the acts of defunding the police.

The Norman City Council voted in June 2020 to reallocate $ 865,000 from the requested increase to the NPD’s budget to other community projects after hundreds of residents and activists stormed the municipal building demanding police cuts.

The vote was met with backlash from fellow residents and the police union, resulting in petitions to recall city leaders and a lawsuit that went to the Oklahoma State Supreme Court, which ultimately ruled the budget vote moot due to the meeting’s violation of the state’s Open Meeting Act.

Tortorello told “zorro & Amigos” that the council’s actions created ahostile work environmentfor local law enforcement that he hopes to change while in office.

Imagine going to work and your bosses are trying to get rid of your job, they’re trying to question your budget, the need for equipment, gear,” él dijo. “This is not a good thing for our police departments, for public safety as a whole.

Tortorello is a decorated NOSOTROS. Air Force veteran who served in Saudi Arabia. Lynn, a NOSOTROS. Ejército captain and member of the Oklahoma National Guard, was deployed to Afganistan in 2017. Both were endorsed by the Norman Fraternal Order of Police.

There’s a lot of people that are just absolutely tired of this, but it takes a lot of people wanting to step up,” Kelly said. “All politics are local and we need good people on school boards and city councils and throughout the state and the country.

La semana pasada, the Norman City Council unanimously passed the Fiscal Year 2022 budget with no cuts to the police department.

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