GOP congresswoman-elect on historic win: Democrats took voters in Texas 'for granted'

国会女议员在周日争辩说,民主党将选民带入该地区 “理所当然” 并感觉到 “有资格” 投给他们的票. 她接着说,党不断做出同样的承诺, but nothing had changed.

I honestly had enough,” 她说, explaining what prompted her to run for office.

Speaking during an interview on周日上午期货,” Flores, who was born in Mexico and is married to a Border Patrol agent, argued thatSouth Texas has always been conservative,” noting that her district isall about faith and family and hard work.


Flores defeated Democrat Dan Sanchez in a Tuesday runoff election that Republicans say is indicative of a new trend for Latino voters, while Democrats argue the election was just a fluke.

Immigration is a top issue for Flores, 注意到 “边境危机” 是 “something that we see here every single day.

She noted that she moved to America when she was 6-years-old andwas blessed to come here legally.

But I don’t want my experience to be a rare experience,” she told host 玛丽亚·巴蒂罗莫(Maria Bartiromo). “I want more children like myself to be able to come here to the United States legally as well.

Flores then argued thatthe Biden administration’s policies are only hurting immigrantsand Americans.

The number of migrant encounters at the southern border hit a new record in May, with an overwhelming 239,416 相遇, 海关与边境保护 (CBP) 上周宣布 — as officials fear that the already unprecedented numbers will keep rising through the summer months.

Repubican Congresswoman-elect Mayra Flores discusses her historic win.

Repubican Congresswoman-elect Mayra Flores discusses her historic win. (福克斯新闻)

的 239,416 migrant encounters eclipsed the 180,597 encountered in May 2021 和 23,237 encountered in May 2020. It is also higher than the 235,478 encountered in April 2022, which itself set a new record for encounters.

The massive numbers came during a month in which the Biden administration sought to end expulsions under the Title 42 health orderwhich were implemented during the Trump administration due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have been used to expel a majority of migrants aprehended at the border.

Flores told Bartiromo on Sunday that she wants to improve the immigration process, 争论 “it’s outdated.

We need a process where it’s safer and faster for the good people that want to come here to [的] United States and work hard for the American dream,” 她继续.

She then stressed that she believesthat we need to focus on legal immigration and not illegal immigration that is only funding criminal organizations and of course, also increasing human smuggling and human trafficking and also child trafficking.

Flores said that she is going to win the election again in Novemberthrough hard work and dedication.

福克斯新闻的亚当肖, Bill Melugin and Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report.