GOP congresswoman-elect Young Kim says Californians frustrated by lockdown orders

GOP congresswoman-elect Young Kim says Californians frustrated by lockdown orders

California Gov. Gavin Newsom's “heavy handapproach to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is making residents “frustrato,” Congresswoman-elect Young Kim, R-Calif., ha detto lunedì.

“People are definitely frustrated and that’s why they are taking it to the streets and expressing their frustration,” Kim toldVolpe & Amici. “As we understand, COVID-19 is taking the lives of thousands of people each week, così, this is a serious issue and everyone should have and has been taking personal responsibility, following CDC guidelines, socially distancing themselves, wearing masks whenever they go out to protect themselves and those around them.

Kim said that though Californians are following social distancing guidelines, Newsom continued to make matters more extreme by “targeting certain businesses, restricting religious gatherings, and unilaterally instituting statewide curfew.”

“Even telling Californians not to have Thanksgiving dinner, especially when somebody like me has so much to be thankful for.”


Protesters across California took to the streets in defiance of Newsom’s latest nighttime curfew orders that went into effect Saturday night to clamp down on resurging casi di coronavirus.

In Huntington Beach, a crowd of about 400 – dubbing themselves “Curfew Breakers” – gathered in front of the city’s main pier to protest the curfew that took effect at 10 p.m.

By about midnight, the crowd had largely fizzled out.

Further north in Fresno, dozens of people gathered at the River Park Shopping Center to protest Newsom’s orders. A protester told ABC 30 that the curfew will only hurt small businesses.

“I just think it’s ridiculous – they’re going about this all the wrong way,” a woman said.

Nel frattempo, officials in Contea di Los Angeles – the state’s largest with about 10 million people – announced Sunday that all dining at restaurants, barre, wineries, and bars will be halted starting Wednesday.


Kim said that aheavy handby the government heavy hand is not the right approach.

“As we take steps to address our public health concerns, we should take into account, or I should say the governor should take into account, that people’s livelihoods and liberties are at stake as well.”

Fox News’ Bradford Betz ha contribuito a questo rapporto.

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