GOP 모금 행사 인 Broidy는 외국 로비 활동에 대한 음모 혐의에 대해 유죄를 인정합니다

엘리엇 브로디, a top Republican fundraiser involved in President Donald Trump’s 2016 창립위원회, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy relating to a secret lobbying campaign to influence the Trump administration on behalf of a foreign billionaire in exchange for millions of dollars.

Broidy was charged earlier this month with conspiracy for failing to register and disclose his role in a lobbying effort aimed at stopping a criminal investigation into massive fraud at a Malaysian investment fund and advocating for the removal of a Chinese billionaire living in the US.
Broidy, who pleaded guilty in a cooperation deal with prosecutors, will forfeit $ 6.6 백만.
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