GOP lawmaker says the country needs to 'wake up' over 'extremely concerning' purchases of farmland by China

チップロイ: H.R.を紹介しました. 3847, that’s Curing America’s Land From Foreign Interference Act, 具体的にそれを強制しようとする, 中国共産党を止めようとする, 私たちの敵, 私たちの敵, from being able to pick up and buy American land. 想像できますか, can you imagine if we woke up one day and oh Khrushchev is buying up a bunch of dirt across the country? Can you imagine what we would do? The reaction would’ve been off the charts but yet we are kind of asleep at the switch right now while the Chinese Communist Party is taking specific steps like Michael outlined to attack our country.


ところで, it’s not just China. 我々は持っています 37 million acres in this country that are foreign-owned. That is essentially the size of Iowa. We got to wake up. We need to wake up here in Washington and prohibit this and stop it and not allow them to have our agriculture products お気に入り 140,000 acres next to Laughlin Air Force base in Texas in south Texas and Val Verde, テキサス. Extremely concerning from a national security standpoint.