GOP lawmaker slams 'Lord Fauci' for insinuating he has higher power than the legal system

意見: Lord Fauci thinking that he has higher power than the legal system, our constitution, our laws. Very slippery slope – where in the name of a public health emergency, this type of an awesome power that he wants to claim going forward can end up going even further than what we witnessed for the last two years during this pandemic. ええと, what we’re seeing right now in the state of New York is that the Department of Health is looking to advance a regulation that would expand quarantine and isolation if there is some type of a public health emergency, and you can isolate and quarantine outside of someone’s home involuntarily. We can see ways that CDC, lord Fauci and others might seek to go even further with mandates and restrictions where there isn’t a balance, where there isn’t a check. Is he thinking that maybe he can overrule the legislative branch too and the judiciary?