GOP lawmaker: The WHO is 'striking lines' through language where countries have to agree

REP. CHRIS SMITH: This is a situation where there are regulations with W.H.O. that go back to 2005. And they equally gave nation states like the United States the ability to collaborate and not a unilateral power. Wel, under this Biden regulation, I have it right here. Series of amendments begins on May 22 at the World Health Assembly… They will get rid of that. They strike lines through the language where the states, the countries have to agree. They also, and you nailed it when it comes to the issue of enforcement, what are we going to do in response if a country like the United States says we don’t think we have this health emergency, you’re saying we have 48 hours to give an accounting to the World Health Organization. And Dr. Tedros, I’ve known him for years. He used to be the health minister for Ethiopia. He did an awful job there. He covered up a lot of things.





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