GOP senator calls for decoupling of US economy from Chinese economy

TOM COTTON: We need to decouple our economy in strategic and vital sectors from the Chinese economy. We cannot be dependent on the goods that feed us and clothe us and provide us defense and literally save our lives from the communist Chinese regime that wants to replace us as the world’s dominant power. It was a mistake to let it happen over the last 30 years. We have to unwind it as quickly as we can. 

There’s a direct relationship between the Chinese pharmaceutical industries and these cartels in Mexico. In the past, they’ve often produced excess supplies and shipped them to the cartels. In more recent years, they’ve helped the cartels set up their own laboratories, provided some of the precursors as well. The upshot of it is because of Chinese and Mexican drug cartel cooperation flooding our country with this deadly synthetic drug, fentanyl, we have once again set a sad, sad record in overdose deaths in this country. 


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