Gov. Abbott blasts ‘open border Biden' for failing to stop flow of fentanyl coming into US

ABBOTT: Open border Biden is what is bringing this [fentanyl] in. I’m angry, but more importantly, we have farmers and ranchers and residents that are extremely angry. The situation right now is far more dire and far more dangerous than it has ever been in the course of this century, maybe ever before. That’s because of the numbers that you heard, about people coming across the border, but also the danger and the way the cartels and the smugglers are operating that causes great danger. People in south Texas and people across the state are fed up with it. As a result, what you’re going to see coming out of Texas are modifications of what we’re doing to make sure that we as a state can crack down more on it. We just passed a budget. We’re more than a billion dollars will be spent by the state of Texas where we’re going to escalate the war against those coming across the border because President Biden and his administration are not getting the job done.


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