Goewerneur. Abbott: Texas is engaging in a war that Biden should be fighting

Goewerneur. Greg Abbott: You talked about how what Joe Biden is doing by the catch and release and allowing people to come in, that opens the floodgates. Jy weet, we can deal with 1,000 hier 1,000 there migrants coming across the border. Texas can keep 1,000 uit. But because of what Joe Biden is doing, that’s why you suddenly have 10-15 thousand just in the Del Rio sector alone.

And because of Joe Biden’s open border policies, you’re going to see more and more caravans. I had a briefing today with border patrol, with the Texas Department of Public Safety and National Guard and they say there are more caravans coming. So we’re increasing our forces as we speak right now, Sean, to be prepared to deal with crossings like this on multiple fronts. Texas is having to engage in a war that the Biden administration should be fighting to protect multiple fronts of our border.





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