Gowdy: Biden should 'switch parties' to see what 'nonstop negative press' really looks like

The Fox News host on Sunday tore into the White House for reportedly begging news organizations to give Biden more “favorable” press coverage as his failures surrounding inflation and gas prices continue to dominate national headlines.

“When I first read this I literally thought it was a joke,” Gowdy told viewers.


 “Democrats complaining about media coverage? I’m sure journalists do not enjoy writing negative stories about a Democratic president and in their defense, they have no experience writing negative stories about Democratic presidents,” he said, “because they have never said anything critical about President Obama.”

Critics denounce media's coverage of President Biden's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. (Getty Images) 

Critics denounce media’s coverage of President Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. (Getty Images)  (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images  |  Photo by SHAKIB RAHMANI/AFP via Getty Images)

“Apparently, they believe that mainstream media is too critical when it comes to reporting on Joe Biden,” Gowdy added, emphasizing the brazenness of their request.

“Then I started thinking, well exactly would you write a positive story about a drone attack that killed innocent children in Afghanistan? How exactly would you write a positive story about record-high inflation or a border that is out of control or supply chain issues or leaving Americans in Afghanistan or a resurgent virus? Honestly —  I am not being facetious,” he said. “How would you write a positive story about murder rates that are soaring across the country? What would that headline even look like?”

With Biden’s approval ranking on crime and inflation tanking to record lows, the administration has resorted to desperate pleas for media outlets to cut the president some slack, Gowdy noted.  

“I guess you could write a story where the headline was ‘murder cases soar all across the United States but Joe Biden is not a suspect in any of them,’ Gowdy said. “I guess you could write a headline that says ‘supply chain issues resolved in time for Christmas of 2024.’

“If Joe Biden Kamala Harris really want to know what nonstop negative press works like,” he said, “just switch parties.”

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