Graham: A plan needs to be talked about to 'give American people hope'

SUO. LINDSEY GRAHAM: So his policies, Biden’s policies are dumb and dangerous. They’re not working. It’s dumb and dangerous what they’re doing at the border. It’s Dumb and dangerous to stop producing American oil and gas, to go from energy independence to dependance. The question for us is, how do you fix it? Biden’s never going to change unless somebody makes him. The only reason he got more involved in the Ukraine is because you and I and others kicked his ass every night saying that you’re letting Putin win. You’re betting on Putin winning. How about betting on Ukraine winning for a change? So I think the Republican Party owes it to the American people not to just describe the problem, but to fix it. Let’s come up with a border security plan like President Trump had. Let’s come up with an energy independence plan. Put it on the table and start talking about it to give the American people some hope.


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