Graham blasts Biden official's remark on pipeline attack and electric cars: 'Dumbest thing in the world'

They’re naïve, they’re weak, and they don’t show an understanding of the problem,” グラハムは言った “フォックスニュースプライムタイム” バイデン大統領とエネルギー長官のジェニファー・グランホルムによるコメントに応えて水曜日.

Granholm told White House reporters Tuesday that if you drive an electric car, fuel shortageswould not be affecting you, clearly.

That was the dumbest thing in the world,” Graham told host ブライアン・キルミード. “What if they take down the power company, the power unit you plug your car into? They’re just disconnected. They don’t understand prevention.

Graham also targeted President Biden’s lack of a firm plan to avoid future cybersecurity 攻撃.

He should be saying we’re going to prevent this in the future, we’re going to have a national strategy to upgrade cybersecurity for critical infrastructure like financial services and energy,” グラハムは言った, suggesting incentives for companies who comply.

Reward them when they do by saying you can’t be sued if you’re attacked, if you’re doing the right thing.

ザ・ FBI said Monday that ransomware gangDarksidewas responsible for the attack, with President Biden remarking that evidence shows the hackersransomware is in ロシア.

Graham called on the creation of a cyberterrorism law to give the U.S. authority to go againstDarksideas if it were a terror organization.

Let’s start holding Russia accountable for allowing this behavior to happen in their backyard with impunity,” グラハムは言った.