Graham: Senate bill would go further than Roe, allow abortion 'up to the moment of birth'

SEAN HANNITY, ‘HANNITY’ HOST: [On] Wednesday of this week, we are expecting a Chuck Schumer vote to codify Roe. Do we know the language in that bill? How extreme is it?

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, it doesn’t codify Roe. What it would do is allow abortion to be had right up to the moment of birth. That’s not Roe v Wade. Roe v Wade says the state can regulate abortion after the viability of the fetus is about 23 or 24 weeks. This goes well beyond Roe. So their answer to Roe v Wade being potentially repealed is to nationalize a law that allow abortion right up to the moment of birth. That’s pretty extreme. 

[The midterm elections] will be a referendum on Joe Biden’s economic and national security policy. It won’t be a referendum on Roe v Wade. 

GRAHAM:  I’m going to write a letter tomorrow to Attorney General Garland and ask him what is his interpretation — There’s a law on the books that prevents judges from being harassed and picketed while they’re deciding a case.

They’re literally violating the law. They violated the law when they went into the Capitol, trespassing in the Capitol, taking matters into their own hands. Everybody yelled at Trump, ‘tell them to leave’. Well, here’s what I’m telling President Biden: Tell these people to leave the judges alone. Don’t go to their home. This is illegal, it’s wrong. It’s bad for America. It will break the court.


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