Graham to counter ‘tsunami of liberal moneyby donating $1M to help Georgia Senate candidates

Graham to counter 'tsunami of liberal money' by donating $  1M to help Georgia Senate candidates

While the balance of power in the Senate hinges on the twin runoff elections그루지야, 이것의. 린지 그레이엄, R-S.C., is trying to counter thetsunami of liberal moneythat is pouring into the Peach State.

“I’m going to donate a million dollars to [의미. 켈리 로플 러와 데이비드 퍼듀] from my campaign to make sure they have the resources to combat a tsunami of liberal money about to sink Georgia,” Graham told여우 & 친구” 목요일에.

While Graham raised “$ 108 백만,” during his successful campaign for reelection, he was outspent by his opponent, Jaime Harrison. Harrison received donations through an app called “Act Blue,” which provided liberals a platform to fund Democratspolitical campaigns.

“My opponent raised $ 140 million through the Act Blue giving app, where liberals all over America can send small donations in to Democratic candidates,” Graham said.


The twin Senate runoff elections그루지야 will decide whether the Republicans keep their 상원 다수 or if the Democrats control both houses of Congress as well as the White House.

But the showdowns – which are fast becoming the main event in the campaign world, with both major parties and outside groups getting ready to pour massive amounts of money and resources into the two contests – are also serving as an early testing ground for potential 2024 GOP White House hopefuls.

“This is the center of the political universe for two months,” veteran Georgia-based Republican consultant Chip Lake told Fox News. “All eyes will be focused on our state.”

The GOP held a 53-47 majority heading into the 2020 elections and faced a challenging electoral map. But the Democratshopes of capturing a solid Senate majority in last week’s elections were dashed as Republicans overperformed.

The current balance of power is 50-48 in favor of Republicans. That means the Democrats must win both of Georgia’s runoff elections to make it a 50-50 상원, in which Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would be the tie-breaking vote, giving her party a razor-thin majority in the chamber.

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Win Red,” an app that is the alternative to Act Blue, helps Republicans raise campaign funds. Win Red raised about “$ 1 십억” for Republicans, falling short to Act Blue, which raised “$ 1.5 billion in donations in the last three months.”

Graham said if “Act Blue” is not “combatted,” the Republicans are in “trouble.”

“I’ve got two million donors. I’m going to ask my donors to help Georgia and I want to encourage every other Republican, just don’t go to Georgia, give to Georgia,” Graham said.

Graham said Democrats will try to pack the Supreme Court and do away with the Electoral College during a Biden administration if they pick up both Senate seats.

“What we’re trying to do is stop the most radical agenda in the history of American politics from being enacted and Georgia stands in the way of socialism for America,” Graham said.

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