Graham dà fuoco alla legge sulla riduzione dell'inflazione Manchin-Schumer: This is a 'fraud,' will make everything worse

GLI AIUTI DEL SENATO accennano al disagio di Manchin per il contraccolpo della spesa, DESIRE TO AVOID ‘BUILD BACK BETTER’ MENTION

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Bene, il CBO dice che l'inflazione del prossimo anno aumenterà o diminuirà 0.1%. So that’s not much of a reduction. This bill has tax increases on imported oil. The taxes in the bill will be passed on to consumers at the $ 75,000 or below level. The subsidies for Obamacare go to people who make $ 304,000 as a family of four. It is a bunch of B.S. that it will reduce inflation. It’s about as accurate as saying the border’s secure and the Taliban didn’t know Zawahri was in Kabul. This is a fraud. It’s a lie. It’s going to make every problem worse.


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