Graham warns Dems will ‘blow up’ Senate by moving forward with impeachment trial, calling witnesses

Graham warns Dems will ‘blow up’ Senate by moving forward with impeachment trial, calling witnesses

With Democrats preparing for the Senate beskuldiging trial of former President Donald Trump, Sy. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., warned his colleagues that moving forward will only cause more damage to the nation.

I’d like to get this trial over sooner rather than later,” Graham toldHannity” op Dinsdag. “To my Democratic colleagues, if you try to call one witness, you’re going to blow up the United States Senate. Don’t do that.

Graham encouraged the opposition to get thetravesty over withas soon as possible, especially since Trump has already left office.

The South Carolina senator pointed out that not only is Trump’s second impeachmentunconstitutional and ill-conceivedbut it has not been carried out legally.


The President of the United States was impeached in 50 hours without one witness being called and he didn’t have a lawyer,” hy het gesê. “We need to make sure this thing never goes anywherebecause I don’t want to legitimize the impeachment process used in the House. I think it’s a danger to democracy and the presidency itself.

Graham explained that on day one of the trial, there will be a motion to dismiss which he expects to occur. But if it goes to trial and the House managers attempt to call witnesses who were not present during the deliberation in the House, the entire process will be dragged out forweeks if not months.

Intussen, President Biden has been ahuge disappointmentin carrying out his message of unity, said Graham, who noted itwould be pretty simple for him to end the entire impeachment debacle and put the past behind everyone.

It tells you a lot about Biden’s ability and desire to bring us together by the fact that he’s sitting on the sidelines and his only comment has been, ‘I don’t think they have the votes.’

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