Grandma accidentally invites stranger to Thanksgiving - and it gets better

Story highlights

  • The accidental invite came via a text
  • The teen can still go get a plate of food

There’s nothing like having a home cooked meal from grandma during the holidays. Even if it’s not from your own grandma.

A woman in Mesa, 애리조나, sent a text message to tell her grandson Thanksgiving dinner would be at her house at 3 오후. 올해. But she accidentally sent it to the wrong number.
Jamal Hinton, 17, was in class at Desert Vista High School when his phone went off with the invitation.
    I texted back and I said ‘who is this?’ And she was like, ‘it’s your grandma.Hinton told CNN affiliate KNXV.
    He assumed his grandma had a new number, so to be sure, he asked her to send him a picture.
    The woman sent back a selfie Hinton didn’t recognize.
    The grandma who sent the text.

    So Hinton responded back with his own photo, showing that he was not her grandson.
    But he was sure to ask if he could still grab a plate of Thanksgiving dinner.
    To his surprise, 그녀는 대답했다, “Of course you can. That’s what grandmas dofeed everyone!”
    Overwhelmed by the woman’s kindness, Jamal posted the exchange online. But he forgot to remove her number from the screenshots.
    Jamal Hinton received a random text invite to Thanksgiving from someone else'에스 "Grandma.&인용;

    그래서, according to The Arizona Republic, the grandma received about 600 text messages asking for a Thanksgiving plate.
    여자, who didn’t want to be named, had to change her number but stayed connected with Hinton so she could send him her address. He’s still welcome.
      Hinton told KNXV, “People can actually connect and be so nice to each other with people they don’t even know.
      It’s an act of kindness that fills both Hinton’s stomach and heart.

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