Great White sharks spotted feeding on humpback whale

A group of researchers came across an unusual sight off the coast of Massachusetts. They witnessed a feeding frenzy as a group of sharks fed on a humpback whale.


研究者たちはステルワーゲン銀行国立海洋保護区の一部であり、イーストボストン沖でウバザメにタグを付けるために旅行していました。. (SWNS)

研究者たちはステルワーゲン銀行国立海洋保護区の一部であり、イーストボストン沖でウバザメにタグを付けるために旅行していました。, 南西通信社のレポート. 代わりに, 彼らはザトウクジラの死骸を食べているホオジロザメのグループを見つけました.

研究者たちは、クジラが実際に人間の相互作用によって殺され、サメがちょうど体を見つけたと推測しました. 体がひどく損傷していた, しかしながら, 正確な死因は特定できませんでした.


Based upon markings on the whale’s tail, the animal was identified as a one-year-old calf. It is believed to be one of the offspring of a tagged humpback whale named Venom.

The researchers took advantage of the situation and tagged five of the feasting sharks. The sharks are rarely seen close to the surface of the water.


The body eventually sank towards the ocean floor and the researchers believe that it will provide food for sharks in the area for some time to come.

The calf’s body wasn’t tagged before it sank, but the researchers are hoping to locate it. Studying the body may reveal important information about the local ecosystem.

The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is a federally protected area of water located near the mouth of Massachusetts Bay. It is a popular whale-watching site.




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