Greenwald fires back at CNN’s Tapper over ‘lies’ sbraitare, notes network peddled ‘unhingedRussia ‘conspiracy

Greenwald fires back at CNN's Tapper over 'lies' rant, notes network peddled 'unhinged' Russia 'conspiracy'

CNN has no standing to proclaim itself a purveyor of facts, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald said Monday on the series premiere ofFox News Primetime.”

Durante il fine settimana, CNN “Stato dell'unione” anchor Jake Tapper became offended after former Sicurezza nazionale Adviser H.R. McMaster suggested the mainstream media’s role in perpetuating America’s divide should be examined.

I will say there are channels in which lies are told and there are channels in which facts are told,” Tapper responded, “and people who want the lies, they don’t come here. They go to a different channel.

Di lunedi, “Fox News Primetime” host Brian Kilmeade noted to Greenwald that when Fox News was founded in 1996, it was noted for being a network that took a perspectivenot in lockstep with all the other networks, and it drove them nuts.


That is what is so amazing,” Greenwald replied. “They really do believe that only they are responsible enough to disseminate information to the public, and everybody else is essentially all too stupid or too dishonest to have the ability to disseminate information.

That is the same network that spent four years, maybe five years, telling Americans that Moscow had infiltrated control of the United States government because of sexually compromising videos they were using over President Trump,” Lui continuò. “Completely deranged, unhinged conspiracy theory for which there was no evidence.

According to Greenwald, CNN sees itself as amonopolist of truth and objectivityand as a consequence, viewers contrary to what they air do not deserve a public platform.

It is all about power and this hatred they have that they believe they are the only ones who ought to be heard and ought to have a platform,” Egli ha detto.

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