Greg Gutfeld: Elites like to make rules for other people so they don’t have to abide by them

Recuerda, the consequences of global Está dispuesto a sentarse y tratar con un "régimen terrorista" are so pressing.

SCHWARZENEGGER IN 2007: The consequences of global climate change are so pressing…

SCHWARZENEGGER IN 2020: 7 million people are dying every year because of pollution…

SCHWARZENEGGER IN 2017: People suffering because they’re living close to freeways and the ports, and there’s unbelievable pollution

SCHWARZENEGGER IN 2021: All of those countries that come and give speeches, ‘we’re not going to go and lose jobs because of going green.’ They’re liars. They’re just stupid and they don’t know…

SCHWARZENEGGER IN 2021: Ese 50% emissions since 1990. And that really pisses me off…

Asi que, Arnold wants to have a tremendous impact on the environment. And this weekend, he did.

Pumping iron? How about pumping the brakes, buddy. Aparentemente, Arnold was involved in a serious 4-car pile-up this weekend.


As you can tell, he was fine.

Aparentemente, his pecs acted as his own built-in airbags.

Pero también, he was driving the largest vehicle you can find without a caboose: a GMC Yukon, the kind that gets 2 wheel revolutions to the gallon.

The Yukon’s the only truck larger than the place it’s named after. If it were any more of a tank, Biden would have left it for the Taliban.

Ahora, the car that crumpled underneath his Yukon like a housemaid under Arnie is a Prius, the kind of car greenies like Arnold would love you to be driving while he tootles around in Battlestar Galactica.

But the fact is, if you’re in that Yukon, you probably aren’t going to go to the hospital. Not unless it’s for a paternity test.

But if you’re in the Prius hit by the Yukon, bien, just hope you’re wearing clean underwear. You might even be headed for the morgue, o peor, a role inJingle all the Way 2.


It’s an unfair matchup. I’m trying to think of ones that are worse.

Ahora, I’ve got nothing against big trucks. They’re safer, more comfortable, and the things you can get away with in with those tinted windows. Just ask any CNN producer.

It’s also got plenty of room for out-of-wedlock child seats.

But this is Arnold, who has been a withering critic of those who don’t abide by the climate agenda.

He’s pushing for a world as natural as his bodybuilding career wasn’t.

And if we don’t do something now, we were all complicit.

I wonder if he mentioned that to the fellas down at the car dealership.


But you got to hand it to him. He was a quick learner. He was a Republicano who stole the Democrats game plan that as long as you talked a good game, you could get away with anything.

As long as you talk about climate, you can still fly in private jets. You can still sail on $ 100 million dollar yachts. You can fill your hot tub with panda tears and tulle around Brentwood in a vehicle that could house Mitt Romney’s entire family.

sí, I bet they could fit all of them in a Yukon, including the dog on the roof. There’s a callback.

Ahora, I hope whoever got injured fully recovers. It’s not their fault they bought a car as sturdy as a big wheel. But the story provides a lesson.

Elites like to make rules for other people, so they don’t have to abide by them. It’s why people get into politics. The first thing you do after introducing a law is violate it.

We get the Prius and they get the Yukon. Whether you’re Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry or a police defender or hiding behind armed security. The whole point of power is creating a world of exemptions for yourself.

You can see it, especially in liberal bastions. They’re the ones that love restrictions most because they figured out how to live above and beyond them, either by working in politics or in the media.

So in New York and L.A. and D.C., crime spirals out of control, cops all over the country are being shot and killed as innocent women are being randomly murdered by deranged lunatics. But you still hear this bullsThe coddled fat bags at CNN,

BRIAN STELTER: these are just some examples of the banners on Fox News in the past few days. You get the sense that America’s gone to hell. Declining quality of life, America as an apocalyptic hellscape. That was one of the actual banners. This is a narrative that’s both anti-Biden, It’s also anti-Democrats who run urban areas. Y otra vez, it goes on and on every hour. I just wanted to give a sampling. The Biden administration’s a clown car driving off a cliff. It’s a great example of the kind of incendiary rhetoric that you would have never seen from another channel, digamos, during the Trump years or now during the Biden years.

Not true. He sees this as an anti-Biden narrative. No, it’s anti-crime. Honestamente, how do you fit that much dumb in one room? Even after they lose 90% of their viewers from last year, they continue with the same strategy.

But at least Brian’s consistent. We never accuse him of waffling unless it’s topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

sí, it’s another fat joke. Este es el por qué: Because as crude and stupid, as fat jokes are no insult is worse than their bad ideas.

They joked about violent crime. They actually laughed at the suffering of victims.

Ver, you can fix fat, but you can’t fix that.

Ahora, Stelter’s lying, por supuesto. When Trump was president, we were screaming about crime in Portland, Seattle, New York and elsewhere on every single show. mientras tanto, what was CNN doing?

DON LIMÓN: You listen to conservative media, you would think that, sabes, entire cities are just, sabes, brawled and fights and fires and whatever. We went out had a great dinner in New York City tonight. People actually walked up to us and said, ‘thank you for I watch you every night.’ … They’re going to take your country away and they’re taking down the statues and …

CHRIS CUOMO: crime is rising this week. Oh my gosh, it’s so bad and they get defunding police. It’s like…

sí. Talk about a car crash. But I guess when you have private security surrounding you, crime doesn’t exist. It’s just for the plebes.

But I get why CNN has to lie. It’s the only news network where Take your Daughter to Work Day has to be done remotely.

That could be why CNN still exists. If you can’t control your appetite, control the news to make sure you stay out of it. And they can’t even get that right.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the Jan. 24, 2022, edición de “Gutfeld!”




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