Greg Gutfeld excoriates Obama's 'really stupid' critical theory remark: 'He would prefer you to be ignorant'

Obama appeared to mock Republicans for sounding the alarm over the controversial curriculum during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, alegando que “ciertos medios de comunicación de derecha” están avivando “fear and resentmentamong White Americans toward the increasingly diverse population. The former president suggested parents who oppose the curriculum have notfully reconciled with our historyand that it’s ahard thing to hear,” especially for White Americans.

That was a really stupid comment by former President Obama,” Gutfeld dijo. “He’s basically insulting people for actually understanding a critical curriculum. He would prefer you to be ignorant of it, to be a low information person. He should be saying wow, I’m pretty impressed that these people know this stuff.


Gutfeld argued Obama’s earlier warnings about cancelar cultivo—which he reiterated during Monday’s interview, appear to undermine the premise upon which critical race theory (CRT) is built.

He makes a mistake where he…talks about how his daughters are saying cancel culture is out of control or it’s not good [y] then he says CRT is harmless,” Gutfeld dijo. “He doesn’t see the connection between the two that critical race theory helps create the cancel culture by saying that everybody who isn’t non-White is an oppressor and therefore must be canceled.

“El cinco” coanfitrión katie pavlich concurred, “It’s really not even about American history. It’s about looking at someone in the hierarchy of skin color and saying ‘because you’re lighter than I am or because you’re White, you’ve oppressed me, even though you’ve never even done that.

You’re a product of the sin of the people who came before you just by having zero or anything to do with the history of the country,” ella continuó.


Coanfitrión Jesse Watters believes Obama raised the issue on-air becausecritical race theory is really hurting Democrats.

Average moms and dads are livid about it, what they are hearing back from school. It’s insidious. Its pollution of the brain… I want graphic details. History of the wars and oppression. I wanted all out there for us to learn. I don’t want psychological warfare on a 13-year-old who is trying to make it through the day. That’s what this is,” él dijo. “They are trying to hurt their brain and divide the country. People are game to it. They get it and they’ve rejected it and Obama is trying to minimize it, and tell the rest of the Democrats, use this line, try this line. He’s trying to help them.

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