Greg Gutfeld: History hasn’t prepared us for violence like we saw in Uvalde, Texas shooting

GREG GUTFELD: You don’t see what was missed until after it happens. Hardening soft targets should be like a college major. When you think about terror, future threats, which will come with drones and bio-terror, school shootings. This could be a highly lucrative industry. History hasn’t prepared us for this. We always assume violence is army versus army when in fact what can happen could be the sole responsibility of one person. Every place that people congregate can be a target and the goal is not to prevent an attack entirely, it’s to get the attacker to pass you by.

Parkland victim’s father: If we can send $ 40B to Ukraine, we can protect our nation’s schools

There are ways to do that. What you see with airports and some cases miles away, they will push the parameter out. The parameter shouldn’t begin at the school door, derecho? That is one place you have to get through. The airport, you can get stopped 200, 300 yards before you get there. Outside the perimeter, you are vulnerable. Why make it vulnerable right at the school. I think they will have to think about pushing it out and creating certain other things. By parking a cop car in front of schools is enough to make somebody drive by.


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