Greg Gutfeld: Instead of empathizing with crime victims, Dems fret about power

But do you know what else is uncanny? How the activist media only retreats, when their stupid ideas start to cost them politically. Neem misdaad. Laas jaar, as it decimated our cities, die media mocked it.

Don Lemon & Chris Cuomo Clip (Julie 7, 2020): Lemon: Democratic cities are in chaos right now. Is this what you want from Joe Biden? And they are gonna take your country away and they are taking down the statues. Cuomo: Crime is rising as they defund police. Lemon: Oh my gosh, it is so bad and they are defunding police. It is like phew (lemon rolls his eyes)

But then the light bulb went off in Lemon’s otherwise empty head. Maybe rolling your eyes over crime victims isn’t a good look. I wonder if he now thinks it’s a blind spot for Demokrate.

Don Lemon (Augustus 25, 2020): Lemon: I think this is a blind spot for Democrats. I think Democrats are ignoring this problem or hoping that it will go away and it’s not going to go away. // Joe Biden might be afraid to do it, I’m not sure, maybe he won’t. Maybe he is. He’s got to address it // the rioting has to stop. Chris as you know and I know, it is showing up in the polling. It is showing up in focus groups // it is the only thing right now that is sticking

I’d say that’s an about-faceexcept they’re always talking out of their asses. But this is the Left. The problem is never the crime, it’s the effect it has politically. Or as Ezra Klein puts it: how crime hurts theliberal project.Liberal project: it’s like the Lincoln Project, except u molest everyone…allegedly.

In a tweet thread, he says this: Violence is spiking. “Homicides were up by 25 aan 40 persent in 2020 – the largest single year increase since 1960. En 2021 isn’t looking any better.

Now remember this is from a New York Times liberal. Which is why Klein adds: “This is a crisis on its own terms. But it’s also a crisis for the broader liberal project….” And he’s right. All those dead people make defunding the police look bad. But Klein knew he couldn’t get his side to care unless he suggested not-caring would threaten their political fortunes. They only feel your pain to get elected.

He then adds that violent crime causes families to leave cities, businesses to close, banks refusing loans as property values drop – daar is “lifelong impactsthat traumatize kids. Wag. Is he talking about crime or liberalism? Nou, this might be the point where Klein sees the value in policing. In plaas daarvan, he focuses on political fallout.

The Atlanta mayor isn’t running again after being called soft on crime, he points out. There’s a recall effort in San Francisco of district attorney Chesa BoudinWho so far has banned cash bail, and released felons from jail. Both his parents were Weather Underground domestic terrorists. I guess the grenade doesn’t fall far from the tree. En nou, Klein worries: crime’s the top concern in NYC behind COVID.

Which leads to his key fear: “if these numbers keep getting worse, then as with Nixon and Reagan in the 70s and 80s, it could bring ‘law and order’ konserwatiewes (including trump) back to power in 2024.So there you gothe reason why you should address crimeit’s not about the victims, it’s who returns to power. He fears that rising crime could bring back leaders, who care about rising crime. He’s literally afraid of safe streets. What else is he afraid of? Child car seats and toothpaste with fluoride?

Klein realizes that as crime rises, citizens don’t vote for liberals. So either you fight the crime, or get more criminals to vote. So what’s Klein’s solution? More liberal policies apparently. Jip – cities destroyed by left-wingers just need more of them. That’s like giving Dana another picture of her dog.

But now they see crime victims are less inclined to sympathize with the liberal system that let this mayhem unfold. But instead of empathizing, the Dems fret about their power. Hulle sê “Sjoe, we could lose elections,” When they should be asking, “why is the crime happening?” They can’t. Because the answer is in the mirror. The policies they push. So the only way they can deplore violenceis through its political consequences. As opposed to the looting and the rioting that caused billions in damages.

Which is why their idea of eliminating the crime problem is to eliminate the stats. Just stop arresting shoplifters! Who cares if it’s so out of control, Walgreens has closed 17 of its stores, in San Francisco alone. Who does that hurt? Not the media. Or the rich. Geen. It’s the poor, the elderly, the minorities in those areas. I wonder what angry White male thinks.

Tom Shillue, Kwaai wit mannetjie: How does it affect me? Wel, I don’t go into the city much anymore. I used to like to do that, that’s a shame. Snaakse ding is, I bet the politicians making these decisions don’t go into the city that much either. Wel, I got to run. Afternoon tea time in my safe, gated community.

Natuurlik, I’ll accept any liberal who wants to fight crimeeven if it’s for the preservation of their own power. If they think being tough on crime means they’ll win more elections, then act on it. My issue is they don’t. When they talk tough, they don’t act tough later. It’s like when I told people I’ll fight them on the playground after schoolthen didn’t show up. That was last week. Ek sê vir jou – those 8th graders are getting bigger.

But the Dems say they’re gunna solve crimethen continue with policies that led it spread in the first place. Happily though, not all events are marred by violence. National Greg Gutfeld day, which was Saturday in Manhattan, went off beautifullylet’s take a look.

Fictitious national Greg Gutfeld day recap: Yes and what a glorious day it was. What began in the streets of New York City quickly spilled through towns across the world. A day that spent so much to so many. Greg is already being credited with boosting global tourism. Vrou: It’s the best time of the year. I think it’s the best time for people to come and see of our city. Narrator: Even former President Donald Trump celebrated Greg in his own way. Republicans and Democrats were seen making out in the streets. Dogs and cats were seen hugging. In a time of great division, Greg truly brings us all together. The outpouring of love to Greg and each other led to the most unexpected conclusion.

Jy sien – it is possible to unify this country. All it takes is one very sexy hero.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the May 24, 2021 uitgawe van “Gutfeld!”

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