Greg Gutfeld on racism and blocking the sun

“나는 100% ...에 대한 [turning off the sun], because as you know, the sun is racist, because everything is racist. It is now easier just to make a list of things that aren’t racist, 권리, and I came up with a list, and the only thing I found that’s not racist, is that feeling I get when I put my finger in my bellybutton. That’s definitely not racist. But everything else is racist.

Let me tell you what’s behind this sun thing. It’s solar engineering, 권리, which I am for, because they’re going to have these solar engineers fly to fiery orb, and place a giant sun visor over the sun, and that’s going to solve all our problems. I am so for this. I’ve had enough of the sun. The sun – overrated. Always up there, following you around.


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