Greg Gutfeld: The effects of war on future food shortages scares me

GREG GUTFELD: If you are disassociated or detached from a problem, sometimes you don’t even know it exists. It reminds me of how detached people in the media were with the COVID shutdowns, or the effects of the economy, or the effects of crime, because you have security where you work. The media could sustain a lot of this stuff, especially the shutdowns because we just worked our way through it. We could get studios at home. People are hurting, but the same people in the media have the means to absorb the pain that others don’t, same thing with crime, their answer to crime is two words, gated community. What scares me in the future is this war and the effects of the war on future food shortages. If we are already having problems right now and we are all in on this thing, and every country is going to feel it, especially the poor ones like Africa. 


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