Greg Gutfeld: The elites are finally admitting that remote schooling was a failure

Speaking of children, as you know, I hate them. Small, gross, touchy, sticky, smelly and stupid. And from what I’ve heard, constantly in need of food, water and shelter. They’re like pets, but with tuition. Plus, they take up all the booster seats whenever I go to a restaurant.

So we’ve established children are dumb, but should we be making them dumber? 

That seems, well, really dumb and The New York Times agrees in a piece that now finally trashes extended school shutdowns. When COVID erupted, schools in every state shut down quicker than Disneyland after a death on the teacups. It happens. You don’t remember it. 


Remote instruction took over, but then districts started making their own choices about opening up. Some resumed in-person. Others stay closed. Meanwhile, I completely shut down my wrestling class I ran in the attic. 

But these differences, as the Times notes, allows us to compare remote learning versus in-person teaching. And the results are in. Like CNN +, remote learning **** the bed. 

According to research I had my assistant read out loud while I was getting a pedicure. Students who attended in-person school for nearly all of 2020 and 2021 lost 20% of the typical school year’s math learning. Lucky for them, that number means nothing to them anymore. Some of the losses stemmed from remote learning, but others from families coping with illness and other stuff. 

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