Greg Gutfeld: The media fulfilling prophecy, they keep saying it until it become real

Es como Emily camarada wanting to work with the greatest talk show host ever, and here she is.

Not for long, de todas formas. She’s getting on my nerves.

But if you think you’re never going to go anywhere in life, you won’t. If you think of others as achieving at your expense, leaving you behind, you will be left behind.

igualmente, if you believe you can achieve greatness, bar getting a job at CNN, it will happen.

But if you focus on division, you will remain divided. The power of positive and negative thinking are two sides of the same coin, and you control the flip.


It wasn’t always like that, especially for Blacks. The scale was weighted against them.

But unless you’re Asian trying to get into Harvard, discrimination is illegal. The Democrat legacy of Jim Crow is gone, all that’s left are the accusation that it isn’t.

The left is convinced the scale is not only weighted against minorities but that the scale is permanently broken, which is just not trueunless Stelter used it recently.

All that’s left is dishonest hyperbole, where voter ID is what the media calls Jim Crow on crack.

I call this the media fulfilling prophecy. What if the media creates a narrative that it reinforces daily until it feels true to those who consume it.

I don’t think I even need the what-if in that sentence. It’s the what is. And it’s the only way CNN can get a story right. To create it, then hammer it daily until it becomes real.

Gallup has a new poll out on race relations. It reveals the number of people who say things are good has hit a new low for two years straight.

mientras tanto, 57% say race relations are somewhat or very bad. Gallup admits this survey was done at the same time Derek Chauvin was sentenced.

That’s like taking a poll that asks the question ‘Do you think it will rain today, yes or no?” during a tsunami.


It turned bad between 2013 y 2015 with Gallup linking this to the several high-profile killings of unarmed Black people by police officers

They were high profile. But a better term would be narrative-fitting.

There’s no question those cases upset Black and White Americans alike. There’s even more agreement on that than our hatred for Andrew Cuomo.

But the media has, like a dose of magic mushrooms, distorted our reality. Go outside and observe the interactions between fellow earthlingsin commerce, in work, in conversation, at the gym steam room where I do my nude pilates.

Life just rolls on. Por qué? Because we all want the same things: Netflix, Pizza, and clean underwear.

No matter the color, we want to enjoy our lives, be safe and secure, enjoy a good game, eat a good hotdog, stand in line at Ace Hardware in our bright pink leggings.

We all want effective law enforcement, but with as little abuse as possible.

Ahora, compare that to the CNN lens on American life. It’s a dystopian nightmare of oppression. Nightly, this elite activist class pits Whites against Blacks without ever comparing the consequences.

mientras tanto, this narrative that America’s racist gets crushed nightly by news footage of thousands of Black and Brown people pouring across the border.

If this country’s racist against Black and Brown, you might want to tell them before they come. I’ll bet Joy Reid’s already on the case.

And the Cuban protestors must be totally confused to see American media son their countrythe country that ended slavery, Jim Crow, and instituted affirmative action on behalf of Blacks. Pero aún.

ANDREW CUOMO: It is a fact that you see everywhere you look in black and white.

DON LIMÓN: It’s the biggest terror threat in this country, is White men, most of them radicalized to the right.

CNN GUEST: At the core of these voter suppression laws, in my judgment at the state level, is White Supremacy. Simple como eso.

CNN GUEST: We are reaching the point where the White supremacist Jim Crow sensibility is devouring the very energy and soul of any democratic possibility.

sí, that makes sense.

The obvious point: racism exists, just check a Coke employee training session.

But it’s harder to actually find these racists today. You want to ruin your life? Be a racist.


So the left contrives racism, today expecting kids to learn math is White supremacy. Geology is racist. Comedy is racist. The only thing not racist is racism against White people.

That’s why so many hate crimes turn out to be hoaxes.

There’s such a shortage of real hate crimes that we have to concoct them to meet the media’s demands.

I’m thinking about a production company that specializes in staging fake hate crimes. I have a call into Smollett’s people.


Somebody should tell CNN who still thinks it’s 1955.

It’s ironic that people who call themselves progressives are stuck in the past.

But to deny it’s gotten better is not only dishonest, it’s harmful.

It’s like the condition Munchausen by proxy.

The media keeps telling us this nation is diseased with chronic racism when it really isn’t until it is. What does the Angry White Male think?

Tom Shillue, Hombre blanco enojado: Are things better or worse? Bien, I can’t complain. Good food, good wine, nice weather. sí, I don’t mind discussing that subject. Why don’t I just have a sip of wine first.

Probably a wise move.

So what if the legacy media wasn’t part of this recipe? What if the news was reported without increasing discontent for the purpose of profit. sí, and men could have babies.

We live in a media where social media props up a desperate, dying, imprenta. So it’s become less profitable to dial down strife. So we must be at each other’s throats.

Because the angrier we are at each other, the less likely we can unite against themetro. Racial discord protects those in power, it keeps the pot simmering, while they hide in snow white neighborhoods behind 25-foot-high iron gates.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the July 22, 2021 edición de “Gutfeld!”

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