그렉 구트 펠드: The parodies we've created are now real

Wisconsin school district has filed sexual harassment complaints against three middle schoolers for calling a classmate by a wrong pronoun. 알아, 알아. How are these kids supposed to even know what a pronoun is when they’re too busy being taught about how racist they are? Priorities, 사람들.

This isn’t some loony left-wing city on either left coast. This is a school district in Kyle, 위스콘신, a city of just 3,600 사람들. Talk about small. Larry Kudlow could fit that many people in his steam room and he’s tried. Have you got a court date for that yet, 래리?

Anyway, apparently school administrators charged three eighth-graders from the Kiel Middle School with sexual harassment after an incident in April where these kids refused to use “그들” to refer to a classmate who’d switched pronouns a month before the so-called incident.

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. The only time you should refer to one person as “그들” is if they are over 400 파운드, as in they love pancakes, or they are blocking the fire exit.

One of the accused kid’s mom orbirthing personto Democrats gives us the scoop.

MOM OF ACCUSED CHILD: I received a phone call from the principal over at the elementary school forewarning me, letting me know that I was going to be receiving an email with sexual harassment allegations against my son.

He said he’s being allegedly charged with sexual harassment for not using proper pronouns. I thought it wasn’t real. 나는 생각했다, this has got to be a gag, a joke.

You and me both. But her son Braden was indeed charged. And with what? Having a low tolerance for BS? But this feels to me made up because it’s so on the nose in terms of fulfilling our own criticisms of wokeness.

It’s like the government sending out free crack pipes after I already paid full price. But it’s real. I guess that’s the world we live in where the parodies we created months ago are now suddenly real. 다시 말해, the far left is so insane, they’re now predictable.

생각해 내다, it was five years ago that Jordan Peterson, an obscure Canadian professor, was threatened with punishment at his college for not adhering to new pronoun guidelines. He refused to comply and when people heard his story, he became a hero, which is easy to be in Canada, where your only options for hero are Peterson and a freak in blackface. And he predicted that rejecting compulsory pronouns would end up becoming a crime. People laughed at him, mainly because he was right.

그 동안에, here’s a guy from Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty who’s defending the accused students claiming that misuse of pronouns is not covered by Title IX.

LUKE BERG: Title IX sexual harassment typically covers things like rape, dating violence, quid pro quo sexual favors, 권리? Really egregious stuff. There’s nothing even remotely close to that alleged in this case.

The charge against students for sexual harassment is an extreme abuse of the Title IX process. It’s totally inappropriate and is totally being mishandled by the school district.

전적으로. Very informative tape there. We’re almost like a news program. 거의. Now the district sees the refusal of a student to use pronouns as a form of bullying, and the district prohibits all forms of bullying and harassment. All forms of bullying. Isn’t forcing students to say what they don’t believe a form of bullying? Let me save you from some unnecessary internal mental debate and tell you the answer is yes.

물론이야, if the alleged victim student had been teased, then the schoolteachers or principal should address it. But not with charges of sexual harassment, which could destroy reputations. That’s kind of out of proportion. Like swatting a fly with Joy Behar.

It shows you why so many parents around the country are freaking out now. Not only do they have to worry about CRT or drugs and social media, they’ve got to worry about some leftist, a-hole school administrator canceling the kid’s reputation before he or she is old enough to have one.

부모님, you’re now called homophobic if you don’t want gender obsessed activists teaching your kids about “그들” 과 “them.You’re called domestic terrorists. If you openly question school lockdowns, 마스크 의무, or the brainwash called CRT.

예, parents are terrorists, although the only way they blow themselves up is with a high carb diet. And parents are now told you’re a bigot if you feel it’s inappropriate having drag queens do storytime in class. And I agree. Keep that crap out of the schools and where it belongs, my house on a Saturday night. 보기, I don’t have kids. They smell. But I am so pissed I’m thinking about adopting.

But just imagine when it moves beyond the classroom.

STAFFER 1: 안녕하세요. 예, I’d like to speak to Deborah about her extended warranty.

STAFFER 2: 그녀의? My pronouns are dirt and bag.

STAFFER 1: 오. 잘, 그래도, I’m calling about your 1996 Geo Prism.

STAFFER 2: 오, my car identifies as a volt as inrevolt.

STAFFER 1: 오. Are you having trouble with your electrical system?

STAFFER 2: **** the system.

STAFFER 1: 오, 괜찮아. 잘, 그래도, our warranty comes with a free tire iron and jack and those come in handy.

STAFFER 2: Handy? You ableist bastard. 또한, it’s not a car jack. It’s a car jill.

STAFFER 1: 괜찮아. Thanks for your time, 경.

Apparently they like dirt bag better than they like Kat.

So we’ll keep an eye on this story. Maybe the charges will get dismissed. Maybe it’ll turn out there’s more to it than meets the eye.

One thing is for sure, just because it sounds absurd doesn’t make it false. In today’s world, it’s the absurd that is now the norm. No wonder parents are pissed, but don’t wonder aloud, or Merrick Garland will investigate you with the Patriot Act.

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