Greg Gutfeld warns of setup by media using Trump FBI raid as an excuse to track down more people in red hats

GREG GUTFELD: Wel, ek verstaan. ek bedoel, graderings. ek bedoel, if we went on The Five and said, ons weet nie, this show would be dead. So we are in the world of bespiegeling, so are they. Egter, their speculation, always wrong. Walls are closing in. Merk, tick, tick. Boem. Hierdie is dit. It’s worse than Watergate. And then it goes away. But they’re reelecting him, Terloops, just by the way they’re talking. But the one thing – some advice to the people at home is you could be really pissed off at this, but you have to have fun with it, ook, because the press wants you to react angrily, because that’s the second bite to this apple. They’re already doing pieces about pro-Trump message boards, jy weet, enraged. Surely there’s going to be another January 6th. There’s going to be, jy weet, jy weet, gangs of people in red hats causing problems. So you want to take that away from them. You want to look at this, jy weet, soberly and have fun with it. They want an excuse to track down more Republicans and people in red hats, and you don’t want to give it to them. So I think that’s a setup.


I also find it interesting and sad that it’s when something big happens to somebody that they don’t like, the media doesn’t care. We aren’t like that. And I’m going to use Alec Baldwin as an example when that tragedy occurred. We’re extremely sympathetic, even though we knew that if the shoe was on the other foot, Alec Baldwin would have been on Twitter laughing at Jesse Watters for shooting me. Jy weet, he would have been he thought it would be the funny thing. They need to table their emotional ideology, but they won’t.

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