그렉 구트 펠드: What happened to the progressive women who once cared about women?

But before we dive in, it’s time for seven jokes. Not to be confused with the CNN lineup.

플로리다 teacher has been arrested for having sex with a student in her car on multiple occasions. When asked about it, she said it wasn’t sex. She was showing the kid how to drive a stick.

She’s been fired, although there’s a school-wide petition demanding she still teach driver’s ed.


Katie Couric is getting called amisogynistfor her new memoir, 어느 she trashes other women and glosses over her connections to perverts like Matt Lauer and Jeffery Epstein. Defenders say that’s unfair, and point out her charity work for the Ted Bundy foundation.

When told she was being called a misogynist by other women, 그녀는 대답했다 “tell those bitches to shut up and make me a sandwich.

Actress slash comedian slash has-been, Sarah Silverman, slams Hollywood for casting non-Jewish actors to play Jewish characters as examples ofJew-face.Which is the kind of nuanced opinion you’d expect from a performer who wore Blackface.

부통령 카말라 해리스 has finally sold her DC condo for $ 1.85 백만. The bad news for Kamala? According to a new Democrat bill, the new buyer owes her nothing because the condo will pay for itself.

Meghan Trainer and her husband admitted to having two toilets next to each other so they can go to the bathroom at the same time. Whereas the extra toilet in Brian Stelter’s bathroom is a spare.

And that’sGreg’s 7 Jokes!”

So what happened to all those progressive women who once cared about women? Especially women in power. 잘, it all goes away, if you aren’t 그들의 kind of woman. Suddenly oppression is necessary!

Here’s our favorite sack of spoiled potatoes조이 베하르explaining that activists had to go into the bathroom to confront Senator Sinema.

조이 베하르, 화요일: Sinema is MIA all over the place! She’s not around. They call her to have a meeting; they trying to get her on the phone. She doesn’t… She’s like a missing person. 그래서, this is the only alternative they have.


Easy for her to say. No one’s brave enough to follow Joy Behar into the can. Talk about a death wish: six feet of distance versus that blast radius? It’s the only time I’d agree with Fauci about wearing multiple masks.

So Sinema being MIA makes it okay for her to be bullied in a bathroom. By Joy’s logic, right-wing activists should be in a line 15 deep in front of a stall when Kamala isdropping the kids off at the pool”.

Talk about someone being MIA! She’s the first VP in history who can only be found with an Amber Alert.

But my favorite hypocrite: the shape-shifter Kirsten Powers, who used to spend many a lonely night lecturing us on how mean we are to women in politics, and that a lack of grace was destroying the very fabric of America. But now that she’s on CNN, her opinion changes.

It’s amazing what 300 bucks a week and free hair and makeup will do. She claims that she was flabbergasted that people were upset over bullies chasing Sinema into the stall.

Her reasoningif Sinema didn’t want them to follow her into the bathroom, she shouldn’t have gone into the bathroom! 제길 – all that’s missing is, “she was asking for it.


예, how dare the senator use a bathroom, and how dare she show off her well-rounded moderate answers for the world to see! And why the need to use the toilet?! Just do what other 민주당 원 senators do and piss on her constituents!

So it’s a tale of two Kirstens – one denied a safe space in a restroom, and the other crapping on the idea of common decency. Sorry Powers: there’s a time and a place for people to make demands, and it’s not in the ladies’ roomTrust me, I’ve tried.

More important: here you have powers shaming a woman for needing the bathroom while excusing bullying tactics of the left. 이, from a woman who once said, “In our pugilistic take-no-prisoners era, preaching grace toward those on the other side of the political fence is decidedly countercultural.Yeathat’s one of Powersquotes about grace. Turns out she’s about as graceful as Biden on a stair climber.

One thing is for certainshe’s got the mob behind her. The bullying of Sinema was cheered on Twitter. But you’d think those who preach grace would challenge the mob, rather than handing them the pitchforks. That’s hardly Christ-like.

But once politics poisons minds, you have idiots justifying all sorts of extremism. It’s a spectrum, from confronting people at dinner, to physically attacking them. We called it 안티 파They called it anidea.

그 동안에, angry moms and dads are treated like they’re placing IEDs in the faculty parking lot. The double standard is as palpable as the stench in a Capitol Hill men’s room.

Take Kelley Paul, wife of Rand, 쓰기: “A mob held us hostage for ten minutes, spitting on and threatening to kill us. No charges! Fake anthrax and death threats sent to our home. No charges! Now just learned the person who called rand’s senate office threatening to shoot us will not be charged.


I wonder if Kirsten Powers thinks she had it coming. 야, if you didn’t want to be threatened with deathmaybe just stay out of the limelight. Return to the kitchen. Keep your mouth shut. It’s so very Taliban.

It’s amazing how much the female left have in common with those lady-haters. And I’m not even talking about their sandals or beards. They both share the delight in coercion as a means to silence uppity women.

The Taliban will stone a woman for showing an inch of ankle. The left will berate a politically moderate woman for showing an ounce of gumption.

If they were any more Taliban, Biden would be sending them weapons.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the October 7, 2021 에디션 “Gutfeld!”

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