Greg Gutfeld: ¿Qué pasa con toda la gente comiendo insectos??

ANFITRIÓN CNN: Estás listo? Salud. Realmente, I’m less scared of this. Mm mmm. ¿Tengo un ala colgando de mi boca??

De todas formas, Puedo pensar en alguien más en CNN que necesita restringirse a comer. solo bichos. [Picture of Brian Stelter] Low hanging fruit. Pero ahora, en años recientes, everyone’s getting into the act, even celebrities.


[Video of celebrities eating bugs]

They couldn’t even act like they enjoyed it. And a lot of them were actors. Por supuesto, now some claim that you should be eating insects in order to reduce carbon emissions.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: This is a powder derived from the meal worm, and it’s a insect protein just been approved by the EU for human consumption. The making of it is severely reducing the amount of emissions it takes. If we make this switch it’s a huge, huge intervention.

I’m pretty sure that guy sat next to me on a Greyhound bus in 1989. He was talking about how his voices were telling him to go to, No sé, to go eat insects. So now it’s a moral obligation to eat insects. But like eating a centipede, they’re just playing the long game, derecho? I didn’t write that. If you laughed, I would take ownership of it. But we just fired that person

Primero, they’re going to tell you that eating insects isn’t at all weird. Then you’re going to tell you it’s normal to eat insects. And then finally, you’re racist if you don’t eat insects.

So Yahoo! Recuérdalo? Yahoo! Actually wrote a FactCheck piece claiming eating insects isn’t harmful. I’m going to quote this social media post saying that chitin contained in insect exoskeleton cannot be processed by the human body. This is misleading. While some parts of insects may not be digested entirely by humans, it doesn’t mean that eating them is harmful. No sé. I think those experts are full of chit.

So maybe not every bug makes you sick, but if I’ve got worms in my stomach, take me to the hospital. And don’t suggest that they need company.

Others will say bugs are part of a balanced diet in other countries, as well as being integral to the culture, which explains why people leave there to come here. If insects are integral to your culture, you need to find a new culture.

If I was working in immigration and a refugee came to my desk and I asked, why are you here? And they said, My family eats insects. I’d wave them all through.

Bugs are carriers of disease and parasites. The texture is disgusting. No one smiles when they eat insects. And when Robert Downey Jr says it will reduce emissions, Si, but by what? One study found that if every American became vegetarian, emissions would drop by only 5%. That’s not worth it.

El hecho es, most people eat meat because it’s healthy. And as Michael Shellenberger, autor del libro “Apocalypse Neverpoints out, the amount of pollution from farming is trivial compared to jet setting around the world promoting bug cuisine.

And so what if it’s popular in other countries? You know what else is popular in other countries? Beheadings. Which is also good for the climate because it cuts down on exhaling, which in turn cuts down CO2 levels. Should we adopt that practice too? Being headless makes it more difficult to drive, helping the environment as well.

That’s the point, aunque. it’s not about your health or your taste buds. It’s about climate. The BBC asks, could grasshoppers really replace beef? Bien, here’s the long answer, **** No.

The writer said he was intrigued to see how he could lower his carbon footprint if he ate bugs as his main source of protein. Well you do that, morder. And also be sure and write another piece when you stop making insects your main source of protein. That’ll be two days later when you’re writing it from a hospital bed.

So why all this media in lockstep? Una vez más, it’s driven by people who exempt themselves from their own advice. Do you think these elites will eat bugs themselves? Do you think Greta Thunberg’s mom packed her centipede sandwich in her hello kitty lunchbox this morning? Do you think you’re going to see creme of carpenter ant as a dinner special at the UN cafeteria? No, when they asked who ordered bugs at the World Economic Forum, all you hear is crickets.

You see the faces of people who eat insects. It’s revulsion. And revulsion is an instinct. The humans who didn’t find eating insects revolting died. That’s why we prefer our food insect free. Because we’re the ones left. Por supuesto, you could say, but it’s low fat. But so is dog ****. And I’m not smearing that across a bagel. I told Kilmeade it was Nutella.

But what really sucks, and the whole point is thisis that they ignore the main reason that humans eat bugs. It’s because they’re poor and they don’t have access to better food. So instead, these fools try to make poverty seem like fun. quiero decir, do you think an African child would eat a plate of mealworms if they could have a bowl of pesto instead of pests?

Like President Biden, bugs are no one’s first choice. They leave that part out of every story. The lack of prosperity that forces them to eat insects, like the president’s BMs, it’s not voluntary. I left that in there and I’m still wondering why.

Then they call something people eat out of desperation, a delicacy. By this logic, the Donner Party was a 12-course lesson in exotic cuisine. Don’t knock it.

But it’s all about manufacturing consent. Getting us to adopt a practice that advocates won’t take part in, like giving up their personal jet or putting giant windmills in their backyards. The World Economic Forum may push this stuff, but they’re not eating spiders, cuales, por cierto, are now our competition for the insects. They’re better at it. Mirar, we’ve all eaten insects before, también, but usually by accident.

[Video of Doug Ford swallowing a bee]

mmm. He didn’t seem to enjoy that. He must be a bigotdoesn’t appreciate other cultures.

But do you really think Americans are going to eat beetles when we get lobster tail at the Sunoco station? El hecho es, restaurants that have bugs on the menu are only because someone used the menu to swat a fly. Lo siento, my idea of a buffet is in standing under a bug light, catching what falls onto my plate. But this isn’t about you. And it’s not about the rich. En realidad, they aren’t giving up their foie gras for fried worm.

It’s not about targeting the middle class either. The closest they’ll come to eating a bug is the bee in Applebee’s. The only people left really are the poor. So is that where we’re headed? Feeding bugs en mass to the poor instead of helping them out of poverty. I’m jealous of the days when elites said, Let them eat cake. Now it’s let them eat cicadas.




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