Greg Gutfeld: You only need a tiny minority to destroy society

But we should all condemn arson, correcto? Bien, not so fast hypothetical viewer I’m having an imaginary conversation with. You haven’t heard the story of Daniel Elder.

A talented musical artist specializing in leftwing religious music. He made the horrible mistake of publicly scolding arsonists after a George Floyd protest in his hometown of Nashville, turned violent, resulting in assaults, vandalism, and the torching of a historic courthouse.

Elder, again a very liberal dude, posted this: “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. “I’m done.Sounds like what I say after I use the bathroom.

Then he deleted his Instagram account. And then he was deleted. It began the next morning, when the online mob caught wind of his offense. How dare you condemn violent lawlessness, they seemed to say. They spammed his Facebook, accusing him of racism, and of course being a white supremacist piece of garbage.

Which according to statistics now makes up 85 percent of the country. De hecho, you don’t need to be White anymore to be a white supremacist. You could be a Black conservative. And if you’re Asian, it depends if you’re getting beaten up or trying to get into Yale. Infierno, you could be Christmas tree worm. Lo siento – “holiday tree worm.But all you need is a pulse and a wacky desire to not see your neighborhoods burn.

But that’s not what the story is really about. It’s about corporate cowardice. We spend a lot of time on cancelar cultivo, focusing on the mob’s thirst for scalps. Otra vez, my apologies, Liz Warren. But the real ire should be on companies, who when faced with a mob, toss a scapegoat into their grubby ghoulish hands, like Pontius Pilot handing Jesus to the Romans. I am referring to GIA

It originally stood for Gregorian Institute of America. But now it stands for groveling idiotic a**holes. GIA is the leading publishers of contemporary Catholic liturgical music. Songs you might find on the pope’s playlist, right after all the death metal.

I’m not gunna pretend that I’ve ever heard of this company. So I’m not gunna say, “I used to be a fan.But damn, I’m no fan now. GIA is an offense to Gregorian monks. They should’ve taken avow of silenceon this.

For when faced with temporary online backlashwhat did they do to one of their composers? GIA president Alec Harris and media editor Susan Labar contacted Elder, and demanded an apologyeven after admitting he did nothing wrong. But they were so spooked by losing money over boycotts, that these greedy capitalists actually wrote the gutless apology for him.

Here’s a sample: “Over the weekend I made a postThat was insensitive and wrongly-worded. I deeply apologize for the anger, offense, and harm that this post caused … There is no justificationFor my post. Asi que, rather than try to offer an excuse for what was done, I offer a promise for what I will do going forward … I commit to making amends and to dialogue. I commit to continue educating myself about privilege and bias. …my work begins now.

All that was missing? Him telling his family they are treating him very well and to put the unmarked bills in a gym bag. Elder said he wouldn’t do their sniveling, vomitus apology. Asi que, did GIA back him up against the temporary braying mob? no. They chose the mob. Dropping him like Bill de Blasio trying to hold a groundhog. They immediately terminated the relationship over hisincendiaryremarks.

Funnyhow his incendiary remarks are actually worse than actual incendiary actions, like arson. So are jokes about OJ Simpson actually worse than what OJ Simpson did? Only if Jimmy Kimmel is delivering them. I wonder what the angry White male has to say.

Tom Shillue, Hombre blanco enojado: *singing* Sorry, not sorry

Asi que, the real story isn’t about cancel culture. We talk about that a lot- so much so my head hurtslike when Kat does math. Or meth. It’s about companies, who after benefiting from your workabandon you at the slightest negative pressure. This is no small crime.


Because in every case in which a person is sacrificed to the hoard of torch-toters, we assume the hoard is large, when it’s actually smaller than AOC’s book collection. It’s the companies that are large. But their spines are as weak as weed in 1992.

La verdad es: you only need a tiny minority to destroy society. Revolutions are not unleashed by the massesthe masses do it to themselves when faced with an immovable minority. En este caso 4 tweeters sitting home alone with their 10 cats and zero friends. They can bring a company of thousands to its groveling knees, by scaring their cowardly execs. It’s a microcosm of all the bloodiest revolutions.

It’s never tens of millionsbut a handful of over-educated radicals who get the population cowering. And they run right through them like COVID-19 thru a Cuomorun nursing home.

This is the blueprint for revolution. And it’s tearing through our education system, nuestro gobierno, our businesses. GIA should be ashamed of themselves and they should apologize. De hecho, I’m doing it for them.

We are sorry we abandoned one of our artists just to protect our bottom line.

If Jesus Christ were asked about this mess, what do you think he would say? It wouldn’t besorry if my remarks upset the Pharisees. Maybe we should have more moneychangers in the temple!” He might sayforgive them, father, they know not what they do.And under his breath say, “what a bunch of a-holes.

Este artículo es una adaptación del monólogo de apertura de Greg Gutfeld en junio 16, 2021 edición de “Gutfeld!”

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