Gregg Jarrett on the secret JFK assassination files: What is the government hiding?


Almost immediately after the Warren Commission in 1964 ruled that Lee Harvey Oswald had been the lone gunman, conspiracy theories began to circulate over whether or not he had been the only shooter and if the CIA had been involved in the Kennedy assassination.

But before authorities were able to fully question Oswald, the former U.S. Marine was shot and killed on Nov. 24, 1963, by Texas nightclub owner Jack Ruby – adding more fuel to the speculative fire that the NOSOTROS. Gobierno was hiding what it knew about the assassination.


“De nuevo en 1992, Congress passed a law, signed by then-President George H. W. arbusto, that these documents are to be released in 25 años,” said Jarrett. “En 2017, 25 years was up. To his credit, Presidente Trump released thousands of documents.

There are some surprising results and information in those documents,” él continuó. “Pero, thousands more are yet to be released. Trump set the date October 26th of this year for the President to release the rest of them. He’s not President, Biden is,” Jarrett stressed, before noting he’s skeptical the current president has the ‘courage’ to ‘do the right thingand release the files.

Ahora, with the help of award-winning director Oliver Stone, Jarrett’s four-part deep-dive takes matters into its own hands, striving to give the American people the whole historia. Sign up on Fox Nation to begin watching the docuseries hoy.

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