Grenell: Disastro in Afghanistan un fallimento politico della DC, non un fallimento dell'intelligence

“Questo non è stato un fallimento dell'intelligence,” Egli ha detto. “Questo è stato un fallimento dei politici a Washington D.C.”

Grenell revealed that intelligence officials were briefed that the Taliban was on the move in May and reminded that President Biden was handed astable Afghanistan” dal Amministrazione Trump.

The former intelligence head predicted the president’sstrategic blunderin the matter was closing Bagram Air Base.


Why was Bagram closed? And the Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, why were they not screaming to say you cannot close Bagram and remove U.S. troops when we have an embassy in harm’s way in a warzone?” chiese. “And yet that’s exactly what happened.

Our secretary of state allowed state department employees to be in harm’s way without the military.

Grenell called for the resignation of both Blinken and Sherman for disgracefully abandoning these employees and allowing the closure of Bagram.

We just saw the president of the United States knock on wood. That was his plan,” Egli ha detto. “I can tell you Donald Trump would not be knocking on wood right now. Who would’ve had a plan and something else would’ve been knocking.

Volpe & Amicihost Pete Hegseth agreed that the president has no plan and the only guidance being followed at this point is the agenda of the Taliban.


The only plan that’s in play is the Taliban plan,” Egli ha detto. “We’ve been playing by their playbook… and today it manifested in the worst possible way.

God bless the souls of these 13 marines, of these men and their families and all they’ve given,” Lui continuò. “They were failed by the Biden administration who did not adjust their strategy… Nothing will get better from here.

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