Guardian Angels' Sliwa, NYC GOP nominee: I'll end 'All-Out-Crazy' AOC's, de Blasio's 'handcuffing' of NYPD

Sliwa, who essentially bootstrapped the anti-crime organization from the ground up in 1979 in response to an uptick in subway crime under Mayor Edward I. Koch, said he will take his tough-on-crime reputation to city hall if given the opportunity.

이번주 초, 대표. 알렉산드리아 오 카시오 코르테즈, D-N.Y., said during a Zoom session with fellow liberal Bronx Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman that public concerns about an urban crime wave are히스테리.”

인터뷰 중, Sliwa pointed to Ocasio-Cortez’s progressive politics and de Blasio’s policies, which have included support for cutting the NYPD budget in 2020, telling host 션 해니 티 that he decided to run for mayor because crime prevention has always been his top priority.

AOC-All-Out-Crazy by the way has armed security officers with her at all times like the rest of her Democrat Socialists of America,” said Sliwa.

The justice warriors, who are sanctimonious hypocrites, would deny public safety to average people by defunding the police, by not wanting prisons and by putting handcuffs on the police instead of the criminals. So I decided to run because I’ve always been battling crime, I never surrender, I never retreat.

Sliwa, 67, a native of Canarsie Brooklyn, said that any increase in crime is unacceptable but that 뉴욕 is particularly out of control.

You remember last summer when the rioters and looters and shooters took over the city streets asComradede Blasio told the police officers to stand back, I was out there [with the Guardian Angels] battling them: no property, no product, and we knew [시위대] would be attacking people and they continue to do it as such,” 그는 말했다, recalling protests and riots that struck in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

6 월 2020, Sliwa recounted to Fox News how the Angels worked to repel looters in SoHo after spending much of their time previously in nearby Chinatown trying to prevent anti-Asian hate crimes as a result of the 코로나 바이러스 감염병 세계적 유행.

I am the only candidate with the onions to take back the city,” he notably 뉴욕 포스트에 말했다 당시.

Sliwa told Hannity that more NYPD officers are needed, and suggested the police deserve a boost in morale. One of the reasons he attributed the decline to was the recission of qualified immunity for officers in some urban areas – meaning they are personally liable for any civil suits that may arise from an interaction with a civilian.

The big problem we have here is we not only need more police and need to refund the 경찰 but there is an issue that affects police all over the country, qualified immunity. It is being taken from them,” 그는 말했다.

These are the protections that we give all civil servants, it’s been taken from police in city after city.

Sliwa said that, 당선되면, he would model his crime-fighting endeavors after that of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who ran as a law-and-order candidate following the last major crime spike under Mayor David Dinkins that peaked around 1990.

Sending a message to the NYPD and other law enforcement, Sliwa said Monday that he has their back and wants them to do their job inproviding us with safe streets, save subways, safe parksthe ones that Rudy Giuliani gave us in 1993.

He said the former mayor-turned-Trump-attorney supports his candidacy as well.

Republican candidates in New York City have faced an uphill climb in recent elections, as only 3 의 51 seats on the city council are held by Republicans – two from Staten Island and one from Howard Beach, Queens – and the city has a 민주주의 registration advantage of about 6-to-1.

Giuliani was the last mayor to serve as a Republican for his full term, while his immediate successor Michael Bloomberg was a Republican at first but later changed party affiliation.

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