Gui Khury, 12, completes first-ever 1080 in competition

金曜日に, Khury set himself apart from some of the legends in the sport when he became the first person to land a 1080 on a vert ramp in competition, doing it at the X Games. The Brazilian boy completed the attempt on his final try and with Tony Hawk watching from the top of the ramp.

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I’m super stoked no words to explain my feeling,” he wrote on インスタグラム.

He took home the gold medal for Vert Best Trick.

Khury became a sensation in skateboarding just a few years before his incredible 1080. He became the youngest to ever complete a 900, doing so when he was just 8. He also was the youngest to compete at the X Games, which he did when he was 10 年と 7 months old.


More than a year before doing the 1080 at the X Games, he was the first person to ever complete the 1080 on a vertical ramp anywhere. He completed the attempt at a Brazilian skateboarding training facility.

Hawk completed the first 900 に 1999 during the X Games. He came out of retirement to compete at this year’s event and was on hand to watch the youngster.

I jumped into the Best Trick event at @xgames this afternoon and managed to make a few things; it was my first time skating the event since 2003. So fun to be back in the mix! Congrats to Gui Khuri on pulling a 1080 のために (ゴールド),” Hawk tweeted.




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