Gutfeld blasts Biden's leadership: 'He has forgotten that he's president of all of us'

GREG GUTFELD: It’s not America last. It’s a specific number of Americans last… The government doesn’t like half of the people it governs. Actually, it might even be higher. I mean, it’s not just Trumpers and Republicans, whites, straights, males, suburban moms. This is the party for the oppressed. And even when you’re a mom with a baby, let’s face it, you’re an oppressor, right? You reproduce, which harms the environment. You expand your carbon footprint with family. You didn’t terminate the child, you know. So there’s no baby, no baby formula they think is not a bad thing. 

Jesse’s right. If we had an engaged president who could see the priorities of the average American clearly instead of running cover for kind of woke policies, whether it’s canceling student debt, defunding the police, the medicalization of children, we would have beaten this thing or got a head start on this. Instead, you know, we make fun of him about losing his keys, whatever, losing his place. But he’s kind of lost that sense of what America is. Right? He is forgotten that he’s president of all of us. And he is the most slow to react president probably in US history. And it mirrors his own slow to react mannerisms. And then when he’s caught out, he just starts yelling. Right. And it’s a manufactured rage. I don’t know if you saw that tape yesterday. It’s a manufactured rage saying like, this is my kind of action. But no, it’s a man shouting at the clouds and really having no idea what to do. And I think that the American public has every right to be enraged and not the kind of rage that burns down cities, which is acceptable to some Democrats. In this case, your kids go hungry. You’re going to see more than parents at the school boards. 


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