Gutfeld blasts 'despicable' Biden and 'ghoulish freak' Mayorkas as they propagate CBP horse whip 'hoax'

Gutfeld had equal criticism for Biden’s homeland security chief, 알렉산더 N. 마요르카스, after the secretary appeared to promptly change his previously circumspect tone on the incident.

“[H]e는 절대적으로 비열하다. 조 바이든 비열하다 — 마요르카스 is a ghoulish freakthey are disgusting – and they have become vehicles for hate and disunity,” 그는 말했다.

“[They’re] pointing fingers at people who are just trying to do their jobs. ‘I promise you, these people will pay’? These people are not only innocent, and being subjected to a witch hunt created by the media and the Democrats,” 그는 말했다, quoting Biden’s promise to punish the photographed border agents for what turned out to be attempts to control their characteristically skittish rides, and not assaults on illegal migrants.

They are doing their job and protecting the border because this mindless invalid we call a president isn’t doing his job,” Gutfeld added.

그만큼 “Gutfeld!host noted Biden characteristically never takes the side of the American citizen; most notably those sworn to enforce the laws his government executes.

He called the horsewhip fallacyworse than the ‘Fine People’ hoaxthat the media roundly condemned President Trump for.

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의 위에 “다섯”, Gutfeld added that Biden has become ashell of himselfwho is controlled by the left-wing of the Democrats – noting the president appears more upset at the debunked photograph than he does at the revelation his 오각형droned seven children” 아프가니스탄에서 “out of sheer incompetence.

Host 제시와 터스 added that Biden has said worse things about border agents than violent Mexican drug cartels.

He and the other hosts further questioned what effect Biden’s and Mayorkasapparent biased words will have on the current investigation into the equine incident.

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