Gutfeld: US should follow lead of anti-mandate Canadian truckers

canadese truckers — yeah. In the era of COVID craziness, loro hanno detto, “Screw this madness.And they stepped on the gas.

NARRATORE: “This started with vaccine mandates, but for most here, it’s about a lot more. Well over a thousand people lining the Trans-Canada Highway outside of Winnipeg in -30 wind chills protesting what they call government overreach. It all started a couple of days ago in Delta, B.C. Truckers protesting vaccine mandates at the border. Adesso, as the convoy logs more kilometers, it’s getting more support.

si, Canadian truckers protested vaccine mandates placed on their industry with a massive convoy that might break the world record set by Democrats vacationing in Florida.

Coronavirus illustration.

Coronavirus illustration. (iStock)

According to organizers, suo 70 “chilometri” lungo, which is roughly five of Kat’s hair extensions tied together.

In realtà, suo 43.5 miglia, and that is pretty amazing. It’s the best thing to come from Canada since moose — that’s where they come from — Canada.

Comunque, the freedom convoy, come si chiama, left Sunday from Vancouver for Ottawa — places that hockey fans inform me are cities, to protest the mandates for cross-border truckers that took effect on Jan. 15.


Si stima che all'incirca 15 percent of truckers in the country are not fully vaccinated, che si tratta 16,000 truck drivers, o 80 percent of the total Canadian population.

Protesters and supporters against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers cheer.

Protesters and supporters against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers cheer. (David Jackson/The Canadian Press via AP)

Vero, it’s so sparsely populated, the social distance requirements are 600 piedi.

But I enjoy the convoy. Il fatto è, if you mess with the truckers, you don’t get your stuff from MyPillow, to hockey equipment, birra, capi di abbigliamento, per 150 illegals from Guatemala. It just takes too long by dog sled.

And it’s absurd — mandating vaccines for people who spend more time alone than Kat on prom night.

Nel frattempo, who comes out against the truckers? Il Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the low-life skunk.

My apologies to Pepe Le Pew. Here he is trashing the truckers.

CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU: The small, fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of Canadians following the science. Stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms.

He is the PM — more like a B.M. This pile of human dung just said the protesters are a small, fringe minority who are holding unacceptable views.

So what are these unacceptable views, idiota? Explain it to us, since this fringe helped keep your country going when you couldn’t.

Sul serio, he just crapped on people who made sure Canadian citizens like him got their toilet paper, their ginger ale, the cheese curds for their poutine, or whatever they eat in Canada these days, durante la pandemia.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. REUTERS/Patrick Doyle

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. REUTERS/Patrick Doyle

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